smartCON Planner for ARCHICAD20 is a construction plan modeling add-on software with 9 different tools and 3 utility tools for construction plan review. smartCON Planner is developed by Kajima Corporation to facilitate faster and more accurate planning and decision-making through 3D modeling of temporary construction plans.

Effortless construction
Accurate decision-making based
on 3D construction plan model
Improve communication through
visualized construction plan
Around 200 types of crane data are registered. Change the crane shape, move the position of the boom, and display the lifting capacity depending on the boom position, all with a simple mouse operation.
Various concrete pump cars, concrete mixers, trucks, trailers, dump trucks, construction equipment, and vehicles are registered and can be manipulated and configured with a simple mouse operation.
Choose from different types such as temporary fence, B-type fence, panel gate, and seat gate, and easily arrange or change specifications by mouse operation.
Basic assembly type scaffold is registered, with stairs, base jack, bracket, and railing options can be set in the 3D model.
Different types of shoring types such as end pile, steel plate, SMW, etc. are registered. Different types can be applied for each length of the wall.
All basic waler shapes are registered and can be arranged and moved by simple mouse operation.
Easily place ground anchors and adjust the angle and length through a simple by mouse operation.
Easily arrange layout of each road deck by mouse operation. It is possible to change specifications such as yoke, joist, or brace.
Create railings, cones, barring gate, etc., and easily arrange or change specifications by mouse operation.
Create excavated shapes from structural models such as foundation, underground beam, etc. The amount of excavated soil volume can also be calculated.
Displays the total volume and weight of the selected element. After making changes to the element, re-calculate volume by clicking the change button.
Display XYZ coordinates of an arbitrary point on the model relative to the appointed origin. When moving an object, the coordinate value is also re-calculated.

Get Things Done Faster!

smartCON planner accelerates the 3D modeling process by using pre-defined modeling tools for standard equipment. Customize these parametric BIM objects to ensure that all components comply with local specifications in size and appearance.

Reduce Errors

smartCON Planner assists in catching errors that can only be viewed in a 3D environment, solving problems raised by lack of information from 2D planning. Modeling and planning in 3D lets users visually review the plan in 3D instead of trying to image the spatial relationships from 2D drawings, making the review more accurate and comprehensive.

Improve Communication

Temporary work plan in 3D is easy to understand by project participants who may not be fluent in understanding 2D drawings. Overcome communication barriers with an intuitive 3D work plan.